Essential Support Package – $850

  • Pre-booking consult
  • Two 90 minute prenatal visits
    • Birth preferences
    • Hands on comfort measures
    • Partner tips
    • Process emotions about birth
    • General childbirth education as needed
  • Phone/text/email support during pregnancy
  • On call two weeks prior to EDD until you have your baby
  • Physical, emotional and mental support during labor, delivery and immediate postpartum
  • Support and guidance for your partner
  • One hour postpartum visit
    • Birth timeline
    • Process birth and answer questions

Placenta Encapsulation Package -$1,050 (base price)

With the placenta encapsulation package you get to enjoy all the benefits of the essential support package knowing that your placenta will be made into high-quality capsules without any extra hassle.

How it goes:

  • I will take your placenta with me from your birth
  • Your placenta will be made into capsules or tincture
  • The capsules will be dropped off at your house (typically) in 48 hours

Childbirth Education Package- $1,100 ($50 discount)

Essential Birth Support Package plus comprehensive 6 week in person childbirth education course with Monica Wilkinson, CD(DONA), CBE.

GentleBirth combines brain training with birth training to create your most positive birth! Using tried and true methods such as mindfulness, hypnosis, sports psychology and CBT we boost mental and emotional resilience which translates to confident and empowered birth experiences.